Teen couple on stealing spree with baby's pram

TWO cashed-up Gladstone teens went on their own big city shops Sale spree by utilising a five-finger discount in a misguided grab for 'designer label' clothes.

The teens Mitchell Watson, 19, and Kiara Stanton, 18, went before a Gladstone court magistrate and pleaded guilty to stealing clothes from Myer Brisbane City valued at nearly $400 on September 22.

Inexplicably Watson had $200 on him when caught by store security.

Mitchell Watson and Kiara Stanton.
Mitchell Watson and Kiara Stanton. Contributed

Police prosecutor Gavin Reece said the pair, aged 19 and 18, had been watched on CCTV by a loss prevention officer as they shopped while pushing a baby in a pram.

Mr Reece said Watson was first seen to select a cap, rip off its security tag which cut his finger then put the cap in the pram.

A pair of $199 Calvin Klein lady sweat pants were next put into the pram, then a grey ladies singlet was put in the pram after its tag was ripped off.

A blue Mossimo label singlet went into the baby's nappy bag and a $59.99 Mossimo t-shirt put in the pram.

Mr Reece said the pair paid in cash for a long-sleeve black t-shirt which Watson changed into and hid one t-shirt in the store bag.



When stopped Watson admitted taking the clothes, Stanton saying she was aware he stole the items.

Mr Reece said police located a large amount of cash in a wallet.

He said Watson had priors for stealing and in 2015 received 12 months probation. Stanton had no prior offences.

"He took the items. She was party to it by assisting to conceal the items," he said.

Magistrate Melanie Ho said it was Watson's third appearance before the court for like offending.

Lawyer Jun Pepito sought an unpaid community service work order, saying: "so they realise the importance of having to work for it."

Ms Ho said if they wanted designer label clothing they must earn it.

"It's deliberate conduct, it's deceitful," Ms Ho told them.

"Mr Watson you are a father and have two priors. It was not necessity it was greed."

Watson was fined $500, a conviction recorded.

Stanton was put on a $300 own recognizance and four months good behaviour. No conviction recorded.

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