Butter knife stabbing: Brothers hurt in meth, cash row

HE demanded two Dinmore brothers repay their drug debt but when they did not have any money or methamphetamine, an Ipswich man stabbed the men with a butter knife.

Denis Jackson Faimafili Taulapapa Leota, 27, ended an almost two-year term in custody on Friday when he was released on parole in Ipswich District Court.

He pleaded guilty to seven charges after he attended the mens' home late in the evening of December 4 2014, armed with a butter knife.

Crown prosecutor Matt Le Grand said Leota demanded the brothers, aged 26 and 30, give him methamphetamine in exchange for outstanding drug debt but the victims told him they did not have any.

The court heard Leota punched one man twice in the back of the head, pushed his way through the front door and fought with the man in the hallway.

Leota then pulled a butter knife from his back pocket and stabbed the man three times in the arm, abdomen and leg. "The defendant thrust the knife at the complainant's gut," Me Le Grand said.

The court heard blood squirted from the wound and "some of it even squirted onto (the victim's) daughter". The other victim came to the aid of the man and Leota stabbed him in the arm. Both men required stitches. Leota ran from the house, kicking a wall on the way out.

Police later found him walking 1km from the home with the weapon tucked in the waist band of his tracksuit pants where he provided them with a false name.

The court heard when police tried to take evidence from under Leota's fingernails, he punched two officers and one watch house staff member, telling them to "f**k your evidence". Mr Le Grand said Leota went before the court with three offences of violence, six property offences and three drug offences, with the fresh offending committed five months after he was last released from jail.

"He has an invidious criminal history," he said.

"The threat of incarceration in prison has not been an effective deterrent on him, he has been sentenced to prison for five previous offences."

Mr Le Grand said the knife was "not the type of weapon usually used to harm but the blade was quite dull which suggested significant force" was used.

"What were they doing, making a cheese sandwich or something," Judge Greg Koppenol said of the weapon.

Defence lawyer Stephen Kissick said the offending was "clearly quite spontaneous". Judge Koppenol told Leota he took a "dim view" of the offending.

"You're a large young man and a powerful young man I'm sure, you did not cooperate and used violence," he said.

Leota pleaded guilty to one count of burglary with violence while armed, four counts of serious assault and two counts of unlawful wounding. He was sentenced to three years imprisonment with immediate parole.

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