Tradie attacks partner in front of children

A STREAM of insulting text messages sent from a tradesman to his partner landed him a jail cell this week.

The relationship came to an ugly end when the man, who cannot be named, wielded a screw driver and attempted to stab the woman in the stomach, then struck her with a metal gel blaster, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard.

The man was sentenced to 12 months' jail.

Appearing via video-link, the man, pleaded guilty to three charges of contravening domestic violence orders in February, and breaching a probation order.

Police prosecutor Bronson Ballard tended photos of injuries the woman suffered and a medical report.

Police sought a jail term of 12 to 15 months.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said it had been an on-off relationship that had been volatile, and the pair had two children.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum said the man sent the woman an extraordinary number of texts, describing many of them as being derogatory in nature.

Ms MacCallum said the man punched the woman in her face in front of their children during a verbal argument.

In another incident, Ms MacCallum said, the offender prevented the woman from leaving the house with food packed for the children.

In an incident on February 28 the man went to stab the woman in the stomach with a screwdriver, but she was able to block the attempt.

The court heard the man then grabbed her phone and hit her with the metal butt of a gel blaster, striking her neck and head several times.

"She lay down on a couch and you kicked her in the ribs on the right side," Ms MacCallum said.

Ms MacCallum said the woman had been "misguided" by trying to assist him when he phoned her saying he was being arrested by police.

Police did not accept his explanation and his subsequent guilty pleas showed that he clearly accepted what he did.

Ms MacCallum said he also had significant criminal history of five pages including for break and enters, and drug offences.

She said he also failed to attend counselling despite opportunities given by the court.

Ms MacCallum convicted and sentenced him to a 12 month jail term.

With the 82 days in jail taken into account he was able to immediately begin his application for parole. He was fined $700.

The man faces charges of evading police and driving when disqualified next month.

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