Samuel Carins wants to transition to be a male.
Samuel Carins wants to transition to be a male.

Transgender resident pleads 'help me become a man'

A TRANSGENDER Toowoomba resident has gone public with a plea: "Help me become a man."

Born a biological woman he's hoping the community will help fund his transgender surgery, expected to initially cost more than $9000.

Samuel Carins, who changed his name from Samantha, made the hard decision to undergo surgery because he wants to be happy.

First realising he was different at six-years-old, Sam not long afterwards confided in his friends and family, knowing that he could face rejection and abuse.

"I thought stuff it; it's my life and I want to be happy."

He faced suicidal tendencies, especially at puberty.

Sam found solace on the internet with YouTube videos showing him he could change.

"I realised I didn't have to keep hiding in the dark; I came out," he said.

"If someone is not happy with it, that's their life, as long as I'm happy and my family are supportive, that's all I need."

Sam said it was sad some transgender people were rejected by their families and communities.

"It's who that person wants to be, whether they're gay or transsexual."

Now aged 21, Sam has been taking testosterone hormones for about one year and his voice has changed.

He visited a doctor for more information about changing genders and was advised to see a psychiatrist.

Further visits only confirmed his decision to become male.

But the operation won't come cheaply. Removing his breasts will cost about $9500. The total costs vary between people.

He had been working but is now caring for his mother full-time after she was stricken with cancer.

So he's asking friends, family and the public to help out, starting a GoFundMe page at

Sam plans to go eventually through with the full sex change - genital surgery.

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