Turnbull staffer suspended over anti-Trump Facebook post

A STAFFER in the Prime Minister's office has been suspended after posting anti-Trump propaganda to her social media page.

Yvette Kerr, executive assistant to the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's chief of staff Drew Clarke, has been suspended today over "inappropriate" posts on her Facebook page, 2GB radio reports.

Ms Kerr posted a photo and link to a website named 'Tuck Frump' in November, before the President was elected.

She deleted the post today after the radio station alerted the Prime Minister's office to the link.

The website features merchandise with 'Tuck Frump' and a video showing a doll of the President being stabbed with pins, covered in molten lead and crushed.

Ms Kerr had an image of a 'Tuck Frump' t-shirt as her Facebook cover image until mid-January, 2GB reports.

The Prime Minister's office provided a statement to the station which described the posts as "inappropriate".

"The employee accepts that these posts are inappropriate and has deleted them from her account," the statement said.

Ms Kerr was suspended while the matter is investigated.

News Corp has contacted the Prime Minister's office for confirmation.

It comes after Mr Turnbull found an unlikely ally after reports of his recent 'terse' phone call with President Trump emerged.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten says while he doesn't think either President Trump or Mr Turnbull have "covered themselves in glory" in the past few days, he has some sympathy for the Prime Minister.

"Mr Trump needs to understand and show greater respect to Australia and the Australian alliance than he seems to be displaying, if the reports are right," Mr Shorten said.

"This may surprise you but whilst I'm not a fan of the way Mr Turnbull has been handling matters on this one I've got some sympathy for him because, quite bluntly, I don't think you can run an American-Australian alliance by Twitter."

Speaking to reporters in Perth today, Mr Shorten reinforced his comments to the National Press Club earlier this week that Australians were sick of political point scoring.

"I don't think they've handled everything correctly about their talking to Donald Trump, but nonetheless, what annoys Australians ... is 'he said, she said' politics, all just petty playground bickering," he said.

"We have to step above that and that's why we offer bipartisan support for the refugee deal so we can resolve these matters."

But he did not accept the Government's accusations that Labor was to blame for the ongoing detention of asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru.

"The Government has now been in for nearly four years, they've got to stop blaming everyone else for what's going on now," he said.

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