Sick cabbie Christopher Halliwell is serving life for murdering two women.
Sick cabbie Christopher Halliwell is serving life for murdering two women. Wiltshire Police

Twisted killer cabbie’s secret murder ‘trophy store’

TWISTED Christopher Halliwell could be one of Britain's worst serial ­killers, says the detective who put him behind bars.

Halliwell is serving life for killing Sian O'Callaghan, 22, and Becky ­Godden, 20.

But a secret trophy store of 60 items of women's clothing suggests dozens more victims may have been raped or killed by him.

Only two of the items have ever been identified - a cardigan worn by Becky, who disappeared in Swindon in 2003, and a high-heeled boot Sian was wearing before she was abducted on her way home from a nightclub in 2011.

Former cop Steve Fulcher says: "Are you seriously telling me that on two occasions he brutally murdered two women - and then there's nothing before or since?"

In an explosive new book, Catching A Serial Killer, Steve tells the inside story of the case - and how his quest for justice cost him his job.

Police unearthed the stash of "trophies" just 25 kilometres from where serial killer Christopher Halliwell had led them to Sian O'Callaghan's body.

Five days after her disappearance and desperate to find Sian alive, police had closed in on suspect Halliwell.


Having guided them to the remote spot where he had dumped her body, Halliwell had suddenly confessed: "I'm a sick f***er. I need help. Do you want another one?"

The fiend then revealed where cops could find the body of Becky Godden - who police did not even know was missing at the time.

Catching a double killer led to Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher being hailed a hero by the families and twice nominated for a Queen's Police Medal.

But his decision to break police guidelines and drive Halliwell to where he thought Sian might be found alive, instead of taking him to the police station for a formal interview, was to cost him his job.

When Halliwell's confession about the ­location of Becky's body was ruled inadmissible in court, other officers continued the hunt for more ­evidence - and unearthed the ­trophy stash in 2014.

In his book, Steve says: "At the bottom of a pond that was 8 feet deep they found Sian O'Callaghan's distinctive boot.

Victim: Sian O'Callaghan.
Victim: Sian O'Callaghan. Wiltshire Police

"Yet that wasn't all. Halliwell had been busy. Buried around the pond were more items of women's ­clothing. I wondered, did they belong to the six other victims I suspected Halliwell of killing? But I had my maths wrong.

"Around the pond were not six other items of women's clothing. There were 60. Halliwell might have been far more prolific than even I had feared."

Steve recalls how a kidnap inquiry was launched after Sian went missing in the early hours of Saturday, March 19, 2011.

CCTV taken near the Suju nightclub in Swindon showed her getting into a Toyota taxi owned by Christopher Halliwell, a 47-year-old father of two teenage daughters.

For two days undercover police in 12 vehicles kept him under constant surveillance in the hope he would lead them to Sian.

Five days after her kidnap, they spotted Halliwell buying enough pills to kill himself so they swooped on his car and carried out an "urgent interview".

With time running out, DS Fulcher then took Halliwell to Barbury Castle, a beauty spot outside Swindon, where he ­suspected Sian was being held.

Fulcher, also a father with two daughters, says: "If I didn't take this step, I feared Sian would die alone and abandoned."

Murdered: Becky Godden.
Murdered: Becky Godden. Wiltshire Police

Halliwell finally guided DS Fulcher and his team to a remote gully near the White Horse landmark at Uffington where he had dumped Sian's body.

He had killed her two minutes after she got in his cab. She had been brutally beaten and stabbed.

First he dumped her body near his sick stash at Ramsbury. But he later moved her to Uffington, where he pushed her body into the 3.5 metre-deep overgrown ravine.

Sian's only crime was to ­resemble Halliwell's own mother, who he hated.

Haliwell was jailed for life in 2012 for Sian's murder but it was ruled that the confession he gave Steve about where Becky was buried could not be used in court because police arrest guidelines were broken.


It took four more years of campaigning for it to be allowed, and last September Halliwell was convicted of killing Becky and burying her body in a field at Eastleach, Gloucs. He was given a whole-life jail tariff.

But not before Halliwell, defending himself in court, gloated about how he had ruined Steve's career.

Steve had been found guilty of gross misconduct by the ­Independent Police Complaints Commission for not reading ­Halliwell his rights and taking him back to the police station.

He lost his police pension worth £500,000, had to sell his house and now works training police in war-torn Somalia.

He said: "If I had taken Halliwell into custody we would never have found Sian and obviously we would never have heard of his other victim Becky Godden.

"There is another comfort, too. If the evidence in the trophy store suggests a truth that still lies hidden, then Halliwell had a prolific propensity to murder - perhaps as often as once or twice a year - so lives were saved after his arrest."


Some killings are linked by the date March 19 - a day on which Halliwell was once dumped by a girlfriend in the 1980s and also the date Sian was killed.

Linda Razzell, 41, disappeared in Swindon on March 19, 2002. Her husband Glyn has spent 13 years in jail for her murder but maintains his innocence.

It has emerged Halliwell was obsessed with Linda after doing building work at the Razzells' home four years before she died.

Fulcher believes Claudia Lawrence is another who may have died at Halliwell's hands. Picture: Wiltshire Police

Fulcher believes Claudia Lawrence is another who may have died at Halliwell's hands. Picture: Wiltshire PoliceSource:Supplied

Halliwell's father lived a few streets from the home of chef Claudia ­Lawrence, who has been missing since March 19, 2009.

Steve said: "One witness came forward to say they were sure they had seen Halliwell and Claudia together.

"You might think that witness statement would be taken, but it never has been to my knowledge.

"Wiltshire Police have since issued a statement saying, 'There is no evidence whatsoever to link him to any other murder in this country'. But there is only no ­evidence because they haven't spoken to the witness."

Another potential victim is prostitute Sally Ann John, 24, who vanished from Swindon in 1995. She and Halliwell lived on the same street.

The disappearances of Tina Pryer, 39, Thi Hai Nguyen, 20, and Sandra Brewin, 21, have also been linked to the killer.

Steve is convinced ­Halliwell murdered others after he revealed he had buried Becky Godden in a 1.5 metre hole.

In fact she was found in a very ­shallow grave.

Steve said: "I am certain that in some remote corner of the world there is a 5ft hole with a dead woman at the bottom of it.

"What are the police doing to find her?"

This article first appeared in The Sun and is republished with permission

Catching a Serial Killer by Stephen Fulcher is published by Ebury Press

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