UPDATE TUESDAY: PARENTS who have information about knives and syringes hidden at the bottom of slippery dips in Ipswich parks should contact CrimeStoppers.

Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale said it was "not forseeable" to install Safe City cameras after families found three knives and multiple syringes in bark chip at a One Mile park.

"The council will respond immediately to phone calls from residents who report items such as knives and syringes in parks or on footpaths. This includes after hours," he said.

"Sadly no amount of inspections can account for such random acts of stupidity by a very small minority of people.

"More importantly we do need the community to help by being our eyes and ears to track down who was responsible for placing knives and syringes in this small suburban playground."

He said he urged anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

INITIAL: IT'S 4pm on a Monday and a One Mile park is teeming with children riding the slippery dip, swinging on monkey bars and playing footy.

Under the play equipment and in the bark chip is something more sinister - children are taking knives and syringes home to their parents which they have found hidden at the park.

Just 12 months ago, children were busting to try out the newly opened Gerald Ronayne Park play equipment but now they are banned from venturing into the bark chip for the fear of being injured.

Families have found at least three knives, some of which were specialist abattoir slaughtering knives, and three syringes since the park opened.

Parents Amanda McFarlane and Charna Macdonald said there were three simple solutions; replace the bark chip with soft fall, install more lighting Safe City Cameras.

Ms McFarlane said her three children ventured to the park "every single day of the week" while Ms Mcdonald said her seven children did the same.

"They are outdoors kids, if they're not playing soccer, they love playing on the equipment but at the moment our children are banned from playing in the barked area," Ms McFarlane said.

"The kids were literally trying to climb the fence to here in here when it was being built, they were so excited.

"We'd like to see the bark removed, we'd like to see the soft fall surfaces put in and we'd like to see better lighting in the area so if there are people hanging around, there is not a need for someone to be in a park at 11pm at night, it's a day time activity.

"We'd also like to see City Safe cameras put in the area, especially having found three knives and at least three syringes in less than 12 months."

Amanda McFarlane and Charna Macdonald have found knives and syringes at Gerald Ronayne Park.
Amanda McFarlane and Charna Macdonald have found knives and syringes at Gerald Ronayne Park. Inga Williams


Ms Mcdonald said the park was a hub for school children after school and at the weekends but they were limited to paths and grass until they were guaranteed the play equipment was safe.

"It's unfair its a local park and kids are starting to be banned because its unsafe," she said.

Ipswich Councillor Charlie Pisasale said childrens' safety was the responsibility of parents.

"It's the parents responsibility and up to you to have a look around and for older kids, parents need to keep pushing it down their necks about things to look out for," he said.

"Cameras are not going to happen, the council spent $400,000 putting the park in 12 of 18 months ago, I can't see it happening in the near future.

Syringes and knives have been found at Gerald Ronayne Park.
Syringes and knives have been found at Gerald Ronayne Park. Inga Williams

One Mile Neighbourhood Watch area coordinator Paul Brasher said the region enjoyed a "a pretty good run as far as crime statistics are going".

"There is not a lot we can do other than put a warning in the news letter and make sure parents are aware," Mr Brasher said.

Leichhardt and One Mile community police officer Senior Constable Jonathan Jude said he requested two more City Safe cameras be installed, adding to the one already in place.

Member for Ipswich West Jim Madden said the park was "probably due for a bit of a look at".

"Bark might look nice but once you have a problem like what has happened here, you need to go to a surface where you aren't able to hide things," he said.

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