Kieran Foran of the New Zealand Warriors.
Kieran Foran of the New Zealand Warriors. DAVID ROWLAND

Warriors boss fuming over Kieran Foran saga

WARRIORS boss Jim Doyle has slammed "disgraceful" rugby league media, and revealed a text message he received from the Bulldogs in the wake of the Kieran Foran bombshell.

The Daily Telegraph revealed on Thursday night Foran had agreed to join Canterbury from next year, leaving the Warriors without their marquee five-eighth.

The newspaper also broke the news Aaron Woods has signed with the Bulldogs, and James Tedesco has agreed to play for the Roosters.

But Doyle took aim at the broader sports media for the ongoing commentary surrounding Foran's future.

"What's been going on in the last few weeks is quite disgraceful the way the media is continuously speculating about everything," Doyle told Warriors TV.

"The media has created a circus around Kieran.

"It's really disappointing that they're writing one week he's going to the Broncos, the next week he's going to the Storm, then he's not going to the Storm.

"I used to read the newspapers all the time ... and you always knew that not all of it is 100% accurate, but you thought there was some truth in the majority of it.

"When I got involved in sport and you know more of the detail, it's quite disappointing ... I've seen thousands of stories that have been completely wrong - particularly when I was at the NRL I was reading things, seeing stuff, and I've got the facts in front of me and I would see that it's incorrect completely."

Doyle denied Foran had signed with Canterbury, or agreed to any deal beyond his current 2017 contract.

In fact he revealed a text message from Bulldogs boss Raelene Castle late on Thursday night claiming the Sydney club had not signed the star half.

"Kieran's not made a decision yet, he has not signed with the Bulldogs," Doyle said.

"I got a text message from the Bulldogs CEO after midnight last night saying despite what's on the back page of the newspaper we've got no agreement with Kieran, we've got no contract with Kieran Foran.

"He may go back to Sydney and he may still stay here. He's finding it very difficult to make a decision because his kids are there.

"At this point in time he's not signed with anyone."

Foran's future has been a hot topic in rugby league circles for months.

After walking out on Parramatta last year he signed a one-year contract with the Warriors for 2017, but his children still live in Sydney, leading to speculation he will return to the harbour city and join a rival NRL club for 2018 and beyond.

Doyle said the Warriors have been aware of Foran's situation from the start, and always realised they may lose him next year.

"We made a decision a little while ago that we could have Kieran as part of this club, it may be for only one year," Doyle said.

"He came here because he wanted to come back to New Zealand, get his life back on track, and he wanted to play for the Warriors.

"We thought at the time we might only have him for a year. His kids are in Sydney, he's been very open about that from the start, and so he might go back to Sydney after that one year."

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