When one engagement ring isn’t enough

TALK about being spoilt for choice.

After meeting online, Queensland couple Michelle Fraser and Nick Flanigan fell in love, and within three years of dating the pair got engaged while on holiday in Hawaii.

But perhaps the most elaborate part of the proposal - if you discount the helicopter ride, private photographer and exclusive dinner - was Nick's mission in finding the perfect ring.

You see, "perfectionist" Nick, who owns exercise physiology clinics across Australia, decided to buy not one, but two stunning diamonds for his bride-to-be.

"Nick is an old school romantic," Michelle told news.com.au.

"We went down for a wander on the beach [in Kauai, Hawaii], where he had set up a photographer to take pictures. I assumed it was just for our anniversary.

"We were walking around taking cheesy photos, then we went up to a little hut and that's where he proposed."

Presenting her with a whopping 7.25 carat diamond ring, Michelle was "blown away" by the size of the rock.

"It's definitely hard to take in the ring," she explained. "It exceeded any of my expectations."

But while Michelle was in awe of her diamond, Nick was left in a predicament.

Unbeknown to Michelle, he had also purchased a $75,000 diamond from the U.S. - which didn't quite meet his expectations.

Weeks after arriving back from Hawaii, Michelle was told about the second ring, which the pair wanted to sell.

"He was sneaking around, and I couldn't go near his phone without him freaking out," she explained.

"So after a few weeks, the story came out about the other ring."

Michelle explained that after receiving the ring from the U.S., Nick wasn't happy with the diamond.

"Originally, Nick had his eye on something that was just over 4 carats in America," Michelle explained.

"We have a friend on the Sunshine Coast from the States. So Nick flew this friend over to the US to collect the 4-carat ring, but he came back with the wrong one.

"He's a perfectionist. Nick went a little crazy and ended up finding this [7.25 carat] one in Melbourne.

"He is a big planner, and likes to check off the list and make sure he does things right. So he made a very big statement."

Taking to Facebook page High End - which allows members to buy and sell designer clothes, shoes and accessories - Michelle hoped to sell the 3.24-carat rock set in a white gold band.

"My partner purchased 2 rings and decided to propose with another," Michelle wrote on the Facebook page.

Posting both the rings side-by-side for "comparison sake" - Michelle hoped to sell the smaller ring for a discounted price of $50,000. The ring's value, according to supporting documentation, is $75k.

"Start tagging your boyfriends girls!," she wrote.

"It's a stunning ring," Michelle explained.

"Even now when I compare the two, I would've been amazed by the first one.

"I was pretty shocked that he had bought two rings, but he is a perfectionist and perhaps has OCD at times.

"But when someone sees this ring in person, I'm sure they will fall in love."

According to Australian law firm Slater and Gordon, men are splashing out around $3300 when it comes to buying an engagement ring.

The research, which looked at 1000 people across Australia, showed that men were willing to spend $376 more than women on average, and that NSW was the most materialistic state - with just 45 per cent saying the cost of the rock "doesn't matter".

Since posting about the ring on Facebook, Michelle has since taken it off the page.

"I wasn't expecting it to pick up so much traction," she explained.

"The post started to get a couple of negative bits and pieces, and I decided to delete it because people were getting catty with each other.

"While I received three offers, they weren't what we are looking at accepting, so I'm going to go to an auction house instead."

News Corp Australia

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