Over the last week, the internet has been obsessing over Set It Up.
Over the last week, the internet has been obsessing over Set It Up.

Why everyone is obsessed with this Netflix movie

YOU don't tend to hear about Netflix movies.

Unless they're by a high profile director like Noah Baumbach or stars someone like Will Smith, Netflix movies usually end up on the service among all the other pieces of content, lost in the crowd.

But over the last week, the internet has been obsessing over Set It Up, a charming little rom-com that is surprisingly good. And it's not a so-bad-it's-good kind of deal like with A Christmas Prince. Set It Up is just good-good -sometimes, it's even great.

It's exactly the kind of easy-to-watch movie with attractive New Yorkers accidentally finding each other that will satisfy that part of you that loves nothing more than to eat pizza and be wooed by a love story.

Starring Zoey Deutch (Why Him?, Everybody Wants Some!!) and Glen Powell (Hidden Figures, Scream Queens), Set It Up has that classic screwball rhythm that helps it flow from beginning to end. That the two leads have a really easy-going chemistry that you want to root for is key.

Harper (Deutch) and Charlie (Powell) are two overworked assistants with insanely demanding bosses.

Harper's boss Kirsten (Lucy Liu) is a powerful sports reporter whose requests run the gamut from "order me that thing I like from the place with the gay waiter, the closeted one" to "I'm taking a nap, wake me up at midnight, but don't startle me, play me a lullaby that slowly increases volume".

Charlie's boss Rick (Taye Diggs) is a venture capitalist who made Charlie have a waiter fired because said waiter dared to drip condensation on his pants.

After one of those meet-cutes that only happen in American rom-coms, Harper and Charlie hatch a plan to set up their bosses with each other. The idea is that if they could find happiness with each other, then maybe they'll ease off and leave the office before midnight, which in turn means Harper and Charlie can maybe leave the office before midnight.

It's pretty much the exact plan Cher had in Clueless when she set up Ms Geist and Mr Hall so Mr Hall would chill out and be amenable to giving her a more favourable grade.

You don't need to have studied Nora Ephron's back catalogue to realise the real burgeoning love story being told here is Harper and Charlie's, whose spark is evident from that first slightly hostile meeting.

The pit-a-pat of the clever dialogue between Deutch and Powell is a lovely thing to watch and it has shades of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy or Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal.

Of course, this pairing is not equal, with the wonderful Deutch outshining her co-star - Harper wears her heart on her sleeve, a compelling mix of vulnerability and that twenty-something resilience. The real-life daughter of eighties teen star Lea Thompson (Some Kind of Wonderful), Deutch has been an up-and-comer for a few years but we should expect to see this promising actor do big things soon.

What's so appealing about Set It Up, directed by Claire Scanlon and written by Katie Silberman, is it wholeheartedly embraces its rom-com roots - it's not trying to be subversive. It knows exactly the beats that has sustained the genre and it throws it all in.

It even has two quirky friends, played by Meredith Hagner (Search Party) and Pete Davidson (Saturday Night Live), who seem to know what's going on before they do.

So yes, the story is predictable and you can see almost every moment before it happens but that's why Set It Up has been winning over audiences. There's something so comfortably familiar, but not trite, about this little rom-com that makes it so such irresistible viewing.

Rating: 3.5/5

Set It Up is screening now on Netflix.

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