Wife knifes clothing over husband’s ‘dirty talk’

A WOMAN got so mad when she caught out her husband "talking dirty" online to another woman, she grabbed a knife and slashed his clothes.

After a 26-year relationship the woman admitted to police that she simply "lost it" when she caught her man out, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard.

The 52-year-old Ipswich woman - who cannot be named for legal reasons - had led a near blameless life with no previous offences.

She pleaded guilty to contravening a domestic violence protection order on February 6, 2020.

Prosecutor Sergeant Paul Caldwell said the woman was at home at 4pm that day when she discovered her husband was using Facebook Messenger to chat to another female and had been "talking dirty" to her.

"She became enraged. She used a knife to slash some of his clothes and threw them out into the back garden," Sgt Caldwell said.

Police went to the house the next day and were met at the door by the couple.

"She said she was happy to talk to the police. She understood that cutting up his clothes was the wrong thing to do," Sgt Caldwell said.

The man had written a letter to the court in support of his wife and sought that the charge be withdrawn.

Sgt Caldwell said it was appropriate that no conviction be recorded.

Defence lawyer Richard Zande said the pair had been in a 26-year relationship with the woman living a blameless life with no traffic or criminal history.

Mr Zande said the man wrote in his letter that his wife "is a kind, considerate and caring person".

The man said she was not violent and there had been extenuating circumstances that led to the incident.

The pair is still together and working on their relationship.

"She only intended to slash some clothing," Mr Zande said referring to the use of the knife.

"There was definitely no intention to harm. He did immediately leave when the knife was presented."

Magistrate David Shepherd said the involvement of a knife to damage clothes did make for some difficulty in consideration of penalty, but he accepted she did not make any threatening behaviour with the knife.

"However, there is potential for disaster when a person is in an emotional state. And someone could be hurt although that may not have been their intention," he said.

The woman was placed on a $500 good behaviour bond for six months, with no conviction recorded.

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