Alene Khatcherian and Simon McQuillan
Alene Khatcherian and Simon McQuillan

Will Simon find love?

IT'S THE question everyone wants to know: has our Simon won Alene's heart?

Married At First Sight viewers will finally find out who's still together, who's broken up and, even, who may get back together in the show's final two episodes.

Alene tells the QT why she and Booval's Simon are a good match, and hints at what viewers can expect from the "shocking" finale.

Q: Why do you think you and Simon have handled the pressures of the show while other relationships crumbled?

A: Simon and I are genuine and respectful; we had a deal to look after one another from the start and to address any issues. This really helped reduce the stress and the drama. I personally entered the experiment with a positive outlook and a will to do my best and work with whomever I have been matched with.

Q: How were you feeling about filming the reunion?

A: I was happy to see Simon again as we had been so busy and had not had the chance the see each other in a while. I was also curious about finding out who else found their happy ever after - it's really nice to see your cast mates in love and in relationships. I knew there will be some drama unfortunately, but I'm good at shutting it out - and I am so lucky that I wasn't part of any of it.

Q: Which couples did you look forward to catching up with?

A: I wanted to see Vanessa and Andy, as I thought they had so much potential. I was hoping Andy managed to reassure Vanessa and convince her that they could have a long distance relationship for a while. Alas, I was disappointed - it's really unfortunate.

Q: What can fans expect from the reunion special?

A: I would love to say they will see a group of mature individuals having a lovely dinner together, focusing on the reason they have all joined the experiment... but no, they will see personality clashes and another shocking split!

Part one of the finale airs tomorrow at 7pm on Channel 9.

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