Woman loses kidney after beating from her male partner

A MAN in an ice-fuelled rage bashed his partner so severely that she was hospitalised and lost half a kidney.

The 24-year-old victim lost her memory so police had to rely on the testimonies of her children - aged six, five and three - who witnessed the vicious attack.

The Burdekin man, 32, pleaded guilty in Townsville District Court yesterday to grievous bodily harm and two other assaults.

He cannot be named to protect the woman's identity.

Prosecutor Sally Dreghorn said the woman was lying in bed on February 9 last year when her partner kicked her in the face.

She lost consciousness, woke up with a sore jaw and was told: "I'm going to leave you here to die."

She was hospitalised.

Judge Paul Smith said the woman was with her children on October 17 last year when her partner arrived home.

"He had an evil look on his face, she asked what was wrong and the next thing she knows, she wakes up in the Townsville Hospital," he said.

The woman's children told police they saw her hit and kicked on the floor.

Judge Smith said she probably would have died if left untreated and her injuries may lead to long-term renal failure.

Ms Dreghorn said the woman said she had no ongoing health issues.

The man also pleaded guilty to assaulting his 22-year-old sister, striking her jaw.

Defence barrister Michael Hibble said the man had perpetrated domestic violence in two serious relationships.

He had four children to his first partner and five children to the victim, his more recent ex-partner. He had "absolutely no recollection" of the attack.

"He says that he was using ice at the time, no excuse, no real explanation," Mr Hibble said. "It obviously aggravates his anger management issues.

"He is a person who ought not to be using drugs because of the very significant violence perpetrated on the woman."

Mr Hibble said the man had lost a diesel-fitting apprenticeship years prior due to his drug and alcohol problems and had been jobless for a long time.

Judge Smith sentenced the man to five years in jail.

As he had already served 379 days in custody, he will be paroled on July 3 next year.

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