Woman sentenced after spitting at nurse and cop

A WOMAN has been ordered to serve a term of imprisonment in the community after assaulting people who were trying to help her.

Holly Louise Hamerton, 22, pleaded guilty to two counts of serious assault in Bundaberg District Court on Thursday.

The court heard on July 21 2018 at 2.45am Hamerton had been restrained by police at The Club Hotel in the Bundaberg CBD.

Hamerton attempted to spit at officers and security on scene and police moved her to the ground on her stomach.

The crown prosecutor told the court once Hamerton was on the ground, her mother said she had some mental health issues.

Hamerton began hyperventilating and an ambulance was called.

As a result of her continued behaviour Hamerton was sedated and eventually transported to hospital.

At the hospital, Hamerton's behaviour continued and was approached by the police officer asking her to calm down.

The nurse also asked her to stop swearing as there was children in the hospital.

Hamerton then spat at the officer and the nurse with spit landing on the nurses shirt and in the policeman's eye.

The prosecutor said the officer had to be tested to make sure he hadn't contracted any diseases.

He said the tests came back clear.

Hamerton's barrister Nick Larter told the court his client had not offended before or since the incident and never contested the matter.

Mr Larter said prior to the offence his client had resigned from her workplace as a result of workplace bullying.

He said Hamerton remains engaged with mental health services for ongoing issues.

Judge Leanne Clare took into account Hamerton's early plea and her remorse.

She also took into account the issues she has with her mental health.

Judge Clare told Hamerton the nurses and police officers do their jobs to keep the community safe.

"You threatened to spit at people who were actually trying to help you … the ambulance was called for your care," she said.

"When they (the police officer and nurse) tried to settle and subdue you, you spat at them … it actually hit the officer in the eye.

"It was six months the officer had to wait to here if he had contracted anything, it's not surprising he was both anxious and angry.

"Offenders who spit normally have to go to jail."

Hamerton was ordered to a 12 month intensive correction order.

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