Caroline has some words of advice for our struggling Prime Minister.
Caroline has some words of advice for our struggling Prime Minister. MICK TSIKAS

Words of advice for our struggling PM

IS IT it just me or does everyone wish the real Malcolm Turnbull would please stand up?

This week's Fairfax Ipsos opinion poll was terrible for our Prime Minister. His government was 10 percentage points behind the Opposition in two-party-preferred terms (55% to 45%).

Malcolm Turnbull rode to power on a wave of popularity. I thought he would be one of the greatest prime ministers of all time.

Right now I am hoping he survives to the next election.

When he came to office, Malcolm Turnbull vowed to treat the voters like intelligent adults. To discuss and explain decisions, to listen and be open to change.

We loved him back then.

I still believe in you, Prime Minister. So here is some unsolicited advice.

Be careful of welfare cuts. We're not asking you to spend more money, nobody wants that, but don't take money away from our most vulnerable either.

Australians sleep better at night knowing single mothers can feed their kids.

There are other ways to save money and we know it's a broken record but start at the top.

Bronwyn Bishop paid back almost $14,000 in dodgy travel expenses this week, which only related to her last three years in office. She refused to talk about the previous seven.

It is very hard to hear from politicians that pensioners and welfare recipients are the problem.

Don't get us started on Joe Hockey.

Don't give more tax cuts to big business.

We have never seen trickle-down economics work. It's a lie made up by CEOs who are paid millions to improve the bottom line for shareholders. Don't let them use taxpayer's money to look good.

Do something about the environment. We understand fossil fuels employ hundreds of thousands of Australians and we don't envy you the task of turning the ship around but for God's sake do something.

Don't make up stories about renewable energy - we can fact check that stuff. Even the skeptics among us are starting to worry about the reef.

Don't be remembered for fiddling while Rome burned.

Don't be tricky, we're not idiots. You can't tell us the same sex marriage plebiscite is set in stone because it was an election pledge but you're happy to break your 18C pledge.

Listen to Barnaby. Out here we have no problem with 18C because we've read 18D too.

Don't be frightened by Pauline Hanson, she polls around 5%.

It's true she makes a lot of noise and some people adore her, that's democracy but don't get sucked in.

We voted for the "glass half full" Malcolm, the economic conservative with a social conscience, who spoke of being inclusive, compassionate, resilient, and agile.

Why not give him another run. It surely can't hurt.

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