Workplace bullying victim issues warning to others

YOUR STORY: I was bullied out of my job earlier this year due to workplace bullying, harassment, mob bullying and discrimination.

I used to work at a bottle shop in Toowoomba, but the lack of support, belief and empathy from my manager has left me deflated, out of work and labelled a mental wreck who needs the support of a psychologist.

Chinese whispers in the workplace can really ruin one's reputation.

A fellow employee constantly told me how to do my job and criticised everything I did. And this always happened when the store manager was off.

I would get embarrassed when told off in front of a crowded store of customers.

I would even get verbally shot-down by this person, right after customers complimented me for my good customer service.

But still I wasn't considered bullying by my manager.

And of course, it got worse and worse and my complaints were ignored or there was an excuse for his person's behaviour.

I finally buckled and couldn't take it after the two mobbing incidents by this person and a co-worker, then by this person and a customer.

Again excuses by my manager were made.

At work we talked about being a team but not one of my fellow team members bothered to pick up the phone and see how I was going.

That told me a lot about people!

Have you been the victim of bullying in the workplace?

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While there is a small per cent of people who care, most will look the other way.

If it's not them, they don't care, they don't want to get involved (it's not their problem) even though this person who bullied me continuously right up until I left has had a go at these same co-workers as well as customers.

This person has discriminated against me, telling people that I always have an angry face. It's my face, I can't change it.

The worst part of all of this is losing the claim.

No one tells you that you only have six months in which to make a claim. I went over by four months - from the date that I first went to seek medical help.

By legislation, with bullying claims you only have six months in which to make a claim. I didn't know! No one told me! No one wanted to help me! No one told me about my rights!

I was just drifting from work day to work day, trying to keep the money rolling in while dealing with this person.

I question the six-month time-frame on bullying claims.

As people who have been bullied don't just suffer for that period of time, it's stuck with them forever, where they go it goes too.

Those phrases, words and actions carried out against them, that lack of support and acknowledgement from senior staff. That bullied victim will have that shadow hang over them forever.

After talking to a handful of caring people and my brother who have all been in the same situation, it is very clear that bullying in the workplace has increased and that I am not the only one who has suffered or is suffering in silence.

I learnt to speak up, speak loud.

I learnt to offer help if and when you can and if it is safe to do so.

And I have learnt never, never turn your back on someone who puts their hand out for help.

If you can help them, get someone who can help them.

We as a society needs to stand up to bullies wherever they are in the workplace or school grounds.

It is not acceptable behaviour and we should not have to tolerate it.

The only good thing to come out of all this is not having to go into work and look at arrogance in the face.

We all need to say no to bullying.

Bullying ruins lives, families and does a lot of damage to reputations, people's confidence and people's spirits.

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