Would-be ecstasy king-pin wants early taste of freedom

A DRUG dealer who was one ingredient away from making a million ecstasy tablets for a profit of $1 million wants to get out of jail sooner.

Michael Allan Cornick was sent to prison for 12 years in May after he was busted trafficking methamphetamine near Gladstone and producing ecstasy on the Sunshine Coast.

The Brisbane Court of Appeal heard on Thursday that Cornick was waiting to take delivery of the final ingredient he need to create one million ecstasy tablets when police nabbed him.

Crown prosecutor Jodie Wooldridge said the 61-year-old planned to make a profit of $1 million when the tablets hit the illegal drug market.

Ms Wooldridge also said some of his offending occurred while he was on bail.

Cornick was arrested at a Childers service station in March, 2011 with drugs in his ute.

Police put a tracking device on the car and traced him to a Sunshine Coast storage unit where they unearthed ecstasy-making paraphernalia with the defendant's fingerprints on some items.

Earlier this year, Cornick pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, supplying others with drugs, weapons charges and drug possession charges.

He pleaded not guilty to producing ecstasy, supplying meth, possessing a prohibited combination of chemicals, possessing items used to make drugs and possessing two guns

A jury found him guilty on all charges and he was sentenced to 12 years behind bars.

Cornick's appeal for a shorter jail term relies on his claim that the sentencing judge did not give enough thought to mitigating circumstances surrounding the case.

Defence counsel Peter Davis said his client's guilty pleas, his cooperation with investigating police and his age should have led to a shorter prison term.

"The sentence is manifestly excessive," Mr Davis told the court.

"The sentencing judge calculated a sentence of 13 years before (applying) mitigating circumstances.

"Your honour then reduced the sentence by a period of 12 months to 12 years and we submit that the overall result of that exercise left the sentence as excessive.

"In our submission first and foremost is the fact that he pleaded guilty not only to the two most serious offences but also to a heck of a lot of others - seven out of a total of 26."

Ms Wooldridge argued Cornick's offending was "serious" and made worse by that that some of it happened while he was on bail.

"There was no direct evidence as to (the defendant's) remorse other than what may be inferred from the guilty pleas," she said.

The Court of Appeal will hand down its findings on a date to be confirmed.


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