Your five reasons for and against religion in our schools

A QUEENSLAND school has suspended religious instruction after complaints from parents that children were being 'solicited' into Christianity.

We took to Facebook to ask readers: "Are children being 'solicited' into Christianity through religious instruction in school? Would you like to see it removed from all state schools?"

There were about 100 comments for and against religious education in schools. This is what people had to say.


There is nothing wrong with Christianity, definitely keep it in the schools. 

What's wrong with a bit of love, peace and respect in the kids' lives?

Janine Bagatella

Let them decide for themselves what they want to believe in. 

We all did - and majority of us would have received a religious education at school.

It's up to them what they want to believe.

Kirstyn Abbott

My children aren't baptised and their religion lessons in class are the only exposure to religion they have.

My children both absolutely love the lessons.

They are a fun way of learning life lessons, values and morals in a positive and influential way because they are so fun, relaxed and in a caring atmosphere.

Every year the letters come home from school asking parents permission and give the choice. I would prefer it is kept in the school curriculum.

They don't get a mark for it, they don't have to achieve a level of understanding they just enjoy the stories and with all that is bad in the world these days I for one am happy that my children have a class (and teacher) that they have come to respect, enjoy and learn in.

Amanda Young

I'm not a practicing Christian.

I went to Catholic schools where religious study was something we had to do.

However, without everyone going gung-ho on their beliefs around religions etc, my thoughts are that there are stories/parables and such that help guide children and their behaviours towards others.

Holly Welby

No. So many people have lost the values of respect, compassion and moral standards (however viewed) that Christianity brings.

Thee is no example in the home or outside. At least this gives our kids some understanding.

Yvonne Elliott


In my view religion doesn't belong in the school system.

We send our children to school to learn their ABCs not religion...that is what Sunday school and Church is for..If you want your child to have these sort of classes maybe you should consider sending them to a private religious school.

Marguerite Palmer

Religion shouldn't have a place in public schools. If I wanted my child to learn it, I would send her to a private school or Sunday school.

Monique Urry

Yes, you can teach a child to respect themselves and others around them.

Teach them to be kind, have manners, teach them how to lose, yes it needs to be done as many have no idea how to be a good loser.

Too many parents telling them they are awesome and to not listen to anyone who says otherwise.

To many are being raised to believe they have a right to everything and not to earn that right for themselves. Religion should be taught in the home not at state schools.

Heather Norris

Religion has no place in mainstream schooling at all.

That utter nonsense should be kept to denominational schools. The kids who opt out of RE are made to feel isolated from their peers.

If you want your kids to study those fairy tales, send them to Sunday school if you can't afford private

Helga-Aileen Pataki

I think that it should be removed if it only for one religion.

Religion is a personal choice. Schools are about educating our future generations not railroading them into a particular following.

I myself am not religious. I attended religious instruction classes in a public schooling system and was ostracised because I asked too many questions that couldn't be answered in a way that satisfied my queries.

So I asked my parents to write a letter to excuse me from that class to do other activities.

That was in year 4.

If they were to provide an educational overview of all the religions as a subject in a non biased or forceful way, I would think that opening up our children's minds to understand that one way is not the only way would open their minds and hearts, as well as letting them make a true and informed decision on if and which religion they put their faith in.

Stacey Salmon


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