YOUR SAY: Nothing racist about being a proud Australian

FLYING the flag from my car or truck or four-wheel-drive for Australia Day doesn't make me a racist, it makes me an Aussie!

That's the message loud and clear from readers after a study by researchers at the University of Western Australia found those flying flags were more likely to have racist attitudes.

Flying the Australian flag on your car makes you more likely to be racist, says new research. Read the story here: ...

Posted by The Chronicle on Wednesday, 20 January 2016

We asked readers across the Facebook pages of our 12 largest newspapers whether they agreed with the research and whether "being loud and proud of your country was something to be ashamed of?"

Hundreds responded in comments both on our website and on Facebook, with the overwhelming majority saying they raised the flag - whether at home or on their cars - because they are proud of Australia and of being Australian.

Robyn Hardikier

ahaha what a joke, so the people who put the Christmas stuff on their cars are racist too? and what about the ones who fly the NSW / QLD ones? people need to be less precious and start living their lives and not interfering in others

Joy Emerson
why should we be ashamed of our flag we like to celebrate Australia Day, I do agree the flag needs to be changed then hopefully a lot of the animosity will subside, as it will be everyones Australian flag.

Nan Johnston
It is pride in your country. Just like at grand final time people put their team flags on their cars. This racist thing is disgusting and a load of nonsense.

Sue Strahl
Who comes up with this crap? How does that make you a racist? I fly it because my father fought for it!!!

Michelle Peters
Completely disagree....
We should be loud and proud to be part of this country. Hope tax payers money wasn't used to come up with that rubbish.....
Wish we were more patriotic, more educated in our history, our nations storey. Our flag is our symbol, of what our country men and women have died for.....
Rather arrogant and narrow minded for some to decide its probably racist if a flag is displayed!

Stuart Hilsberg Who did (made up) the 'research' that says you are 'more likely to be racist' if you fly the national flag? Somebody had better tell the Prime Minister about the flag on the front of his official car!

Miriam Pronk
I am a proud Australian. I recognise our flag but I don't like what it stands for. I celebrate the freedoms, beauty and diversity of Australia not just January 26 but all year through. I am not at all comfortable with the celebration of European entry of our country and what it meant for the Aboriginal people of our land.


OTHERS weren't so quick to dismiss the research:

Joel Bradshaw

People's responses to this are just vindication of the research unfortunately... Living so far away from other cultures Australians tend to be scared of what they don't understand or don't want to understand and have a somewhat isolationist mentality which is a shame because other cultures have a lot to offer

Jackie Sandberg
Hate flags on cars I wouldn't call it racist I would call it being a bogan

Catriona Thoolen
I agree. A few years ago I would proudly fly our flag...but now, it would be assumed I am part of Reclaim or UPD...yep, not going to do that. Real pity that our flag has been hijacked by RW groups.

Ryan Miller
Its always the full on bogans that have this hanging off their cars so yes.

Trish Campbell
Nationalism is what it's called, and it can build barriers rather than take them down...

Nathan Luke
Well racists are always nationalists so the story is correct. It is not saying all flag wavers are racist.

Corey Barel 
Complicated. Australia has a lot of racist history. A lot of horror in colonisation. Violence in invasion. Bigotry in our 'lad' culture and ignorance in our attitude toward those we consider other, than us. Pride? Loud and proud? About what? Elite boganism? We are celebrating alcoholic noisiness in denial of the blaring HOLE in our culture. I'm an Australian. I love my way of life. We ARE the lucky country and many people have died in defense of what I have. But then again many more people have been murdered when our fore fathers stole this land.
Complicated. Pride is apparently the precursor to falling, our flag IS outdated; it doesn't represent the county's actual identity or true history. To wave an Aussie flag is to suspend ones disbelief. To reinforce a status quo that declares racism and bigotry as standard. Also, in an age where borders mean less and less and where corporate profit is the only real measurement; there seems to be nothing to celebrate. Anyone can get drunk and talk rubbish and sing the first verse of the anthem and make a statement by brandishing a flag. What statement are you making?

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