Fionnula and Frankie: trying to BBQ to get over Chai

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The girls are smitten by a smooth operator


BACK in Rockhampton, licking my wounds. Gee, didn't Chai take us both for a ride. Don't worry, I made it very clear to that scoundrel that a Hyundai Excel is not a limousine.

I still can't believe he managed to hoodwink us both, I mean we're very capable, (normally) switched on, 30-something-year-old women. But there I was, in a romantic bungalow on Koh Samui, with Chai serenading me, when midway through a very rousing ballad, his voice (or rather Phakin Golden's voice) cut out... exposing him as a lip-synching liar.

Initially I thought he'd had a stroke, but then I saw the look of horror cloud his face as he clutched at the mini-mini mp3 player hidden in the pocket of his fishing pants. Well, it all went downhill from there.

Chai tried to keep up the pretence and began singing with his own voice, but it was shocking, absolutely shocking. In fact, the timbre of his voice was so off-putting that I ran for the bathroom to retrieve some earplugs, and lo and behold what did I find? My wallet stashed in his toiletry bag.

Apparently he planned to lullaby me to sleep, then hightail it back to Bangkok in his Hyundai with all my cash, where he'd propose to Frankie and elope with her to Australia. I extracted all this when I pinned him down in a plank type move I'd learned from Jim from the gym... who to be honest is looking pretty good again now.

So of course Frankie and I flew back to Rocky the next day... and guess who was waiting on my doorstep? My ex-boyfriend, Greg. I know. I know. I didn't think he'd have that reaction to my letter. I didn't think he'd come flying across from Perth. I didn't think I'd feel so strongly when I saw him and that we'd collapse into each other on my new couch. I didn't think.

Well, Greg left this morning, saying that our reunion had been a mistake... strange, considering the night before we'd been planning a fortnight in Fiji.

Oh well. Obviously, I wasn't over Greg. But maybe I just needed to see him, so that he could see how much I'd changed. The truth is that he doesn't want to rekindle anything with me, regardless of how much I've changed. Perhaps this is the final nail in the coffin for our relationship. I'm sure now that I can finally move on.

Oh yeah, speaking of moving, a couple in their 60s moved in next door to Frankie this week. Two of their sons were up from Sydney helping them with their furniture. PS, one of the sons is good looking, but I'll let Frankie get to that.

Anyway, the super cute son came around to Frankie's and invited everyone to a house-warming barbecue this Friday night. I was putting a rinse in Lynnie's hair and happened to be there when he knocked on the door.

Of course I accepted his kind invitation on behalf of Frankie and her family. Well, I had to. Frankie had just stood there, with her mouth half open.

In any case, it can't hurt me to win some brownie points with Frankie. She's still annoyed at my ditching her at the elephant sanctuary and running off with Chai to Koh Samui.

I tried to explain that the tropical air of the Land of Smiles had clouded my thinking, and I wasn't to blame. She didn't buy it.

This week Lynnie challenged me to stop avoiding Jim from the gym, and resume classes at Silhouettes.


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I'M FAIRLY furious with Fionnula. I just couldn't believe she'd sent that letter to Greg, and had then run off with Chai to Koh Samui. That girl is so impulsive and unpredictable.

I know deep down she must have wanted to see Greg, but that man has caused her so much heartbreak. Anyway, who am I to judge? I was about to get married to a down and out crook. Apart from being in magical Thailand, there's only one other positive outcome from our Chai triangle... discovering Phakin Golden. I've downloaded all his CDs, and will never again have trouble nodding off.

To be honest, being back at Cafe Cath-ene with mum and Fionnula feels exactly where I should be. Fi and I both acknowledged we went off the rails a bit with our Christmas Countdown, and now it's time to get back on track. We've got exactly five weeks until Boxing Day...that's five more challenges for each of us to complete.

Okay, yes, the neighbour is good looking in a dark haired, blue-eyed husky dog kind of way. I'd wanted to say something dazzling and witty when he came to the door, but my mouth just sort of fell open, and stayed there. Thank God for Fionnula. Both she and mum have challenged/demanded that I go to the barbecue.


DON'T think I didn't see that handsome young man come to our door this afternoon, and don't think I didn't see the ever so slight smile on Frankie's face as she walked back into the lounge room. That's all I'll say.

The author: Anna Daniels
The author: Anna Daniels

NEXT WEEK: The house-warming barbecue is very revealing, and Jim from the gym is back on the scene. Missed any columns? Catch up online. And for more humour from Anna Daniels, head to

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