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I didn’t always want to be a journalist. In fact, when I was younger my dream was to be an archaeologist – who wouldn’t want to be like Indiana Jones? However, now that I am a journalist, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life. I love listening to people’s stories and sharing them with others. I’m a Queenslander through and though. Mackay is the furthest south I have ever lived. I’m an only child and I was raised in Airlie Beach. My parents are former boaties; we lived on a 42 foot Catamaran called ‘Sundance’ for a number of years. My parents called me the Sundance Kid for years. I earned my degree at James Cook University in Townsville, and prior to here I lived in Cairns for three-and-a-half years where I was a magazine journalist. I’m a diehard book worm, and still love getting out on the water.